Proposed Bylaws Update

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The Board of Directors of TCSD announced a schedule for elections many months ago. We would like to adhere to that schedule as closely as possible. Although the exact schedule may slip a small amount, we are planning on moving forward with the process as quickly as possible. The first step in the process, however, is to propose and vote on a new set of bylaws that will govern the club. The reasons for this fall roughly into two groups. First, there are some things in the bylaws that need updating to meet current requirements for an entity like ours. These changes need to happen for us to continue as a 501(c) 7 organization. Second, there are some things in the bylaws that, in our opinion, will allow the club to function more effectively.

The proposed bylaws can be viewed here (see below).

We encourage everyone to read the updated bylaws for yourself. Here's a brief outline of some of the proposed changes that fall into the second category:

- Reduce the elected officers to 4 - President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers are also part of the board of directors.
- Increase the appointed club officers to include Race Director, Head Coach, and Sponsorship Director.
- The board of directors is comprised of the 4 elected officers, past president (as an independent director), and 2 independent directors who are not a current officer.
- Term for all directors is 2 years with the exception of the president who is president for 2 years and then on the board for 2 years.
- Requirements to run as an officer / director are 3 years of membership in the club.
- Requirements to run as the independent director is 5 years of membership and past officer of the club.

We will have an online vote on these proposed bylaws in 10 days. All members will be sent a code that can be used to cast their vote. This code will be distributed in approximately a week. Voting will be open for 4 days.

After the vote we will move quickly to update the schedule to register as candidates for each position, campaign, and then vote for the new directors and officers of the club.


Current Bylaws

Proposed Bylaws