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Moment Bicycles in Point Loma and Carmel Valley

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Award winning San Diego Bike Shop
Moment Bicycles is owned and operated by long time TCSD members and volunteers JT & Lynne Lyons.  JT started the TCSD Del Mar Saturday ride ages ago!  Moment’s staff has considerable triathlon experience from sprint to Ironman.   Everyone rides, and we have collegiate runners, swimmers and pro cyclists on staff.  We are also very female friendly.  We have 3 women on staff! As the longest running bike shop sponsor of TCSD we’re here to help you succeed!

JT started his career in mechanical engineering with Shelby American and various aerospace companies.  Moment Bicycles was a way to combine passion for triathlon and his engineering expertise. 

Bike Fitting - JT bought his first tri bike from “another bike store” in 99.  He got the typical “You’re 6’2” so you need size 58”, they set his saddle height and a test ride.  After experimenting with his bike position A LOT (never getting it 100%), JT went to bike fit school at F.I.S.T. ( and learned he was on the wrong size.  Dan Empfield (tri bike & wetsuit inventor) developed a new fit method called F.I.S.T.  It was opposite from the traditional [pick a bike, then fit person to the bike], to what Moment calls “Fit First” [Fit the person, then find the bike that matches the person BEST].  A new technology called the “dynamic fit bike” made this possible.  In 2007 JT improved the process creating a proprietary method to compare rider positions to all bikes using software.  Moment “virtually” matches bikes to the rider’s best position. Moment shows a rider before they buy what configuration of bars, stem, saddle etc. for a particular bike model.  The rider has complete information before making the purchase.  Hence, the name of the process, FIT FIRST.  Moment Bicycles is San Diego’s only Fit First retailer.

In 2008 Dan Empfield asked JT to be an instructor at FIST.  Moment teaches the competition.  JT also regularly consults with bicycle brands on geometry, component spec, and bike fit.  Our fit-techs have fit Olympians, pros, and the best magazine editors around. JT occasionally writes for and other magazines. 

Moment Bicycles is built around the philosophy of the best product and service for YOU.  Our process takes a little longer but will make you (a lot) faster/comfortable/powerful. Schedule an appointment.

Moment Bicycles has the best selection of Triathlon bikes & gear in San Diego. CERVELO, FELT, SPECIALIZED, BMC, LIV, GIANT, and PARLEE. 

Bicycle Service & Repair - If your bike doesn’t work flawlessly, the ride isn't the same.  JT’s father was the Admiral in charge of maintenance for the US Navy; so maintenance is in his blood.  Moment techs have the training and experience to optimize your ride. From simple adjustments to custom wheels and frame-up builds, our techs are the best in the business.

San Diego Bike Rentals & Demos - Road bikes, Tri bikes, mountain bikes, race wheels and bike travel cases and DEMO SADDLES, Moment Bicycles has awesome rentals you can book 24/7. If you're visiting or need an upgrade for the weekend, Moment Bicycles rents the gear you need.  Ask about demos!

San Diego Training Rides - Join us on our great San Diego group rides!  All abilities are welcome.

Bike Transport - Moment Bicycles is a drop-off & pickup location for Race Day Transport and TriBike Transport.  Moment also rents bicycle travel cases.

Bicycle Trade-Ins - Moment Bicycles takes Trade-Ins!  Trade-in, Trade-Up!

Giving Back Moment Bicycles gives  back to the triathlon and cycling community through event and club sponsorship. Our biggest project is producing the San Diego Triathlon Classic, San Diego’s favorite Triathlon.

2 Locations to serve you!

Point Loma - Liberty Station  Next to the Liberty Public Market and Stone Brewery, Moment Bicycles Point Loma is San Diego’s most awarded bicycle retailer.  Top 3 tri shop in the world by Triathlon Business International and Top 5 Pro Road shop in USA by Interbike. A stone’s throw from San Diego International Airport with great parking and the best post ride/run eats around. 

Carmel Valley - The Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch  In the new Trader Joes center just North of the 56 on Carmel Valley Rd.  Next to Title Nine, Urban Girl, Fleet Feet, Starbucks, Panera, Dulce, Crudo, West Root Tavern, Baked Bear and more!!. 

Phone: (619) 523-2453

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Carmel Valley - NOW OPEN
5965 Village Way E-100
San Diego, CA 92130
Point Loma - Liberty Station
2816 Historic Decatur Road Suite 135
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 523-2453
Mon-Fri 11am-7pm
Sat-Sun 10am-6pm