Zealios Skin Care

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Zealios Skin Care (ZSC) is a Berkeley, CA based company that offers high performance skin care products to endurance athletes.  Committed to providing the best skin care products on the market, ZSC uses the highest quality ingredients and manufactures all products right here in the USA. Their products, Zealios Sun Barrier and Betwixt Chamois Cream, will allow you to focus on the task at hand knowing that you are well protected. 

Zealios Sun Barrier is an elite sunscreen made for the everyday athlete.  It’s oil free formula will not clog your pores or sting your eyes and rubs in completely clear, feeling more like a moisturizing lotion than a thick sunscreen. Powered by zinc-oxide, Zealios offers broad spectrum protection from both UVA & UVB rays and received the highest rating from the FDA for water resistance.

Betwixt is an all-natural, paraben-free chamois cream that helps keep your at-risk areas free from chafing during your time in the saddle. It’s long lasting formula is free of petroleum and petroleum derivatives and the use of organic aloe vera, along with other skin conditioners and anti-bacterial agents, not only prevents irritation but also soothes and helps repair broken skin cells.

Whether you are spending long hours training, competing in a race or just enjoying the outdoors, make sure that you are getting the proper protection with products by Zealios Skin Care.